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Create a PayPal button for Website 'Buy Now' single item promos

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

People who have PayPal accounts prefer to use PayPal is it provides extra security and convenience.

When you need to start accepting payments on your website immediately, adding a payment button is a fast and simple solution.

Who said you need an ecommerce website, in order to sell online?

PayPal has a small % fee based on $ transactions and a .30c per transaction. This is small fries when you can cover your costs by simply absorb these fees into your final 'buy now' price. See PayPal fees.

Note too: If your target market is international, PayPal will charge for automatic currency conversions too. (But who doesn't right?)

Instructions to set up your PayPal code

You’ll need to create separate buttons for each product you want to sell. But, you only pay a low transaction fee when your customers pay you.

Mind My Marketing has created 'easy to follow' instructions for you set-up your own PayPal 'buy now' button.

Follow this link for FREE instructions to create your own PayPal button.

Download • 756KB

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