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Award winning, Parramatta local business turns 9 years!

'Data from the BLS shows that approximately:

  • 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open

  • 45% during the first five years

  • and 65% during the first 10 years

  • Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more'. Link

9 years ago today I founded Mind My Marketing.

This was because at the time I needed food. My marriage ended (badly) and I found myself in a predicament with my then 13yr old and 2yr old. I left my marriage with only my children and started from scratch. I had plenty of family support but being the independent and stubborn person I am, I decided to try and find a way to work from home while my little one was still young. Business, marketing, networking and computers come natural to me so I put myself out there.

I was fortunate to have 11 years of corporate experience with franchising - and a diploma in business administration and a diploma in business marketing. I was fortunate to have studied certifications in business administration earlier and fortunate to have studied desktop publishing. Also, I was fortunate to have worked (on the side) for other companies in the past and had even taught myself Microsoft Frontpage in the mid-2000s and taught myself how to publish it using the old dial-up internet connection.

I feel lucky. Clients came to me. In 9 years, I have not only been the marketing adviser, or website creator and manager, or graphic designer, or social media creator, or client relationship manager, or event planner, or mentor - but have made close friendships with many who are still with me.

I am sometimes late to meetings, I am often tired, but will always take care of my clients businesses, secrets, files and will always make time for a chat. Everyone in business needs someone to bounce ideas off or have a heart-to-heart, now and then. It’s not easy. Life in general isn’t, so when I meet business owners who risk everything to make their dreams come true, or make life a little easier, I’m in. I’m here. And I know my stuff.

Since founding my little baby biz, I have completed my bachelor’s degree in marketing. 4 years ago, I decided to accept a part time position as Marketing Manager for a company whilst I continue my studies. I am now near completion of my MBA.

I thank everyone who supports me, supported me, refers clients to me, believes in me, trusts me with their projects and secrets - and knows that I will drop everything to meet a deadline. I am incredibly grateful for all that I have accomplished with the trust of everyone.

Thank you. Am having a glass of red to celebrate today.


~I trust Belinda to Mind My Marketing ~


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