Marketing Communication Strategies:




Your company's purpose shapes your brand's values, as well as your personality and voice. Outlining these is vital in your marketing planning.


I like this description: 'A clearly stated purpose (what is your company’s mission), benefit statement (utility), reason why it’s important to me (relevance and resonance), and clear call to action are critical elements to include when you are telling your story to others, either through a website, an email, or your social properties'. E Walter. 


Phone Mind My Marketing® to ensure your overall business branding is consistent".


Marketing Communication services
PR Writing
Today, an integrated marketing communication strategy is essential.
  • online broadcast media (website/SEO)

  • online directories and listings

  • social media

  • broadcast media (radio/TV/cinema)

  • display advertising

  • outdoor advertising


These are all essential promotional strategies that need to be considered to achieve your business objectives. "Contact Belinda to develop your communications plan".

Email Campaigns and E Newsletters
Email campaigns & Company newsletters


Need a company newsletter designed and developed? Need an e-mail campaign developed professionally and distributed to your e-mail list of clients?


Mind My Marketing® is experienced in creating touchpoints and CRM communication tools for businesses. Entrusted to; source and compile relevant content, design and develop a branded template, manage distribution and report overall results.


Let's talk how we can keep your clients and staff up-to-date on company announcements and achievements.